Lesley Maia Horowitz is an artist, designer and co-founder of the New York City design agency,  Officelab. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she now divides her time between NYC and the Hudson Valley.  

After earning her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design she went on to work in product design, furniture design and, later, as a principal creative at Officelab. Her design work has won multiple awards and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Victoria &Albert Museum, Chicago Athenaeum, as well as private collections worldwide.

She has spent the past decade photographing abandoned landscapes of the Northeast US, focusing on historical industrial architecture and former routes of power. Her current photographic work recasts the disintegrating topography of American industry, revealing the unsettling beauty and solemn grandeur left in the wake of  failed promise.

Images on this site are shot using a Hasselblad 501 or Hasselblad swc on 6x6 negative film. Killer film processing by thefindlab.com


photo: Timothy Vogel